Something new in the east - our AD Heinz Mühseler is going into well-deserved retirement. His successor is Christian Hein

The year starts with a great OPTI Munich and then came CORONA

IMAGO is actually turning 30, but we're postponing the celebration until we can really pop the corks!


In addition to IMAGO ULTRALIGHT, Imago frames will only be available in TITANIUM and acetate in the future
We start in Italy with the DIDO agency, which visits opticians all over Italy with over 10 sales representatives

Completely new exhibition stand and stand at the OPTI Munich - opener, more spacious, cooler!

COLORLINE starts with clip ons


Im Osten was Neues – unser AD Heinz Mühseler geht in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand. Sein Nachfolger ist Christian Hein

Das Jahr startet mit einer tollen OPTI München und dann kam CORONA

Eigentlich wird IMAGO 30 Jahre aber wir verschieben die Feier bis wir die Korken richtig knallen lassen können!


Neben IMAGO ULTRALIGHT wird es zukünftig Imago Fassungen nur noch in TITAN und Acetat geben
Wir starten in Italien mit der Agentur DIDO, die mit über 10 Außendienstmitarbeitern die Optiker in ganz Italien besucht

Komplett neuer Messestand und Standplatz auf der OPTI München – offner, großzügiger, cooler!

COLORLINE startet mit Clip On´s

The success story of IMAGO ULTRALIGHT and COLORLINE continues onwards.
i-spax — methodically and steadily nurtured over the years becomes the most reliable and important collection.
We successfully establish our business in Spain and Denmark.
EAN-Numbers are introduced for every collection

The collections IMAGO ULTRALIGHT and COLORLINE enabled us to acquire new distributors, which further extends our world-wide network of exclusive partners.

The i-spax collection distinguished itself through its consistent use of highest-qualitiy components and its wearable designs which practically sell themselves.

Starting in autumn, two-tone models were launched for COLORLINE.

At SILMO, IMAGO ULTRALIGHT was first presented in generation 3.0. This series is made completely from ultem – it´s thinner, lighter and constitutes a new highlight.


As we had predicted, 2014 was the year of IMAGO.

In November 2014 IMAGO is presented with the EXPORTPREIS BAYERN 2014 (Bavarian Export Award) in the trade category.

COLORLINE – the cheerful, colorful click-and-go-system and IMAGO ULTRALIGHT has set another benchmark with the very cool new version of 2.0


We were overwhelmed by the success of COLORLINE. The idea of changing – 3 differently coloured frames with only 1 pair of lenses turned out to be a hit – especially in Germany and the Netherland The collection has been expanded with 3 new models and a third generation of colours. We are planning a few smaller shapes for launch in 2014. In the summer we launched our new baby IMAGO ULTRALIGHT. Its lightness (9 grammes only) and its cool look were such an attraction that we were even sold out of stock at one time. At OPTI 2014 four new models were shown. We plan to introduce generation 2.0 in August.


Increased focus on our own collections

Introduction of COLORLINE collection

Expansion on Eastern European markets with the help of our sales agent.

More acetate modes and large lenses shapes


IMAGO turns 20 – there is no reason to take it easy. For OPTI we completely redesigned our booth – large, colourful bright – consolidating all our collections.


In May and June we initiated a very successful special sale during which we collected thousands of older frames, which were donated to India and Malawi in cooperation with Fachhochschule fur Augenoptik, a German school for opticians.

Together with our ne product manager Volker Grahm we defined new quality standards for all components. We only use screws, hinges, spring hinges, pads and colours of the best quality from German or European producers.


Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries i-plain was upgraded to i-plain TITANIUM.

IMAGO´s new collection PIX and I-PLAIN are introduced at OPTI in Munich.


Construction of a new showroom and of a new exhibition booth.

The new collection MEMORY-CLAP is introduced.


Memory develops MEMORY-TWIX

Introduction of PROJECT ONE, a smart-casual titanium collection for men


MEMORY-FLEX continues the successful launch

MEMORY SPAX system is introduced, a sensational success

IMAGO-XS targeting especially teenagers is introduced


Cooperation with OGI, Minneapolis begins. IMAGO distributes the collection in Europe, Australia and Africa.


Marco Finster, previously sales manager at Pro-Design joins IMAGO as a partner. In February the company moves to Valley/Oberlaindern – 30 Kilometers(20 miles) south of Munich – into a 880 square-eyer converted farm building.


The puristic design of IMAGO´s I-SPAX collection is introduced at MIDO.

IMAGO´s titanium collection TITAGO is introduced at MIDO.

IMAGO´s exclusiv ladies collection OGAMI is introduced at MIDO in Milan.


Company is renamed into IMAGO THE GERMAN EYEWEAR CONNCETION GMBH and moves to a 360 square-meter ground floor office in Oberhaching, near Munich.


Company is renamed into IMAGO THE ITALIAN EYEWEAR CONNECTION GMBH. IMAGO is Latin and means shape, idea, imagination, silhouette, vision, image.


The Company moves into a 160-square-meter basement office and introduces the first three IMAGO models – UNO, DUE, TRE.


Rainer Laepple takes over from optical distributor Alfred Gassner(distributor of the Italian brands Gambino and Divina) and starts out his business in an 80-square-meter basement office in Munich-Ramersdorf.